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Hammond Associates boys audition Sat 3rd 2pm


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Hammond Associates - Boys Audition Sat 3rd March 2pm


It isn’t too late to register for this audition on Saturday. Boys aged 9-15 years only. I think the girls classes are remaining full so I don’t think there will be any girls’ auditions this year. The audition is usually a ballet class. I assume it will be the same on Saturday.


There are 3 Sundays a term – usually one a month. The day is from 10.30 am to 3.45pm with 4 classes and a break to eat a packed lunch.


The scheme used to be called Hammond dance associates but they are now called Hammond performing arts associates to reflect that the mix of classes include drama, and singing some months, as well as a mixture of dance styles. There is always a ballet class, then another 3 classes that may be pilates, jazz, contemporary, creative, musical theatre, street, ballet virtuosity, and drama and singing. Last year they also had Irish and Spanish dance. Since September they have been had one Sunday a term as a workshop day and the parents can then come to the school theatre for the last hour to watch all the groups perform the pieces they worked on. Last term it was musical theatre and there were pieces from Joseph, Saturday Night Fever and Footloose. Next month they are doing a workshop based on street and contemporary.

From the school website -


Saturday 3rd March 2012 - HPAA audition begins at 2.00pm. BOYS ONLY. Aged 9 - 15 years.


For details please call 01244 305350

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