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Closing date for Hammond?


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Hi dancergirl101


Although I have had more experience of Lower School at The Hammond, my DD has done her Upper School audition and has a place although still has to audition for funding.

I know there is an audition on the 4th February for Upper School that will be of no use to you now.........I have no idea if there are further dates before the funding audition in March and we don't know what date this will be yet.

The best thing to do is phone the school first thing monday and speak to Janet Starmer she is very helpful.


As for numbers auditioning in my DD's audition there were around 29 .....nine of these did not make it through to the afternoon.


There is another thread on here(about 3 weeks ago) about Hammond Upper School Auditions ...sorry I'm not sure how to add a previous thread


I'm sure all that apply audition ......its a very long day with the more sections to it than any of the other dance schools and colleges.


Good Luck 

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Quite a few that day were from year 11 with roughly a third from other dance schools. The audition tomorrow must be made up of students from other dance schools with a few current yr 11 as most of them have had their auditions.


Do you mean the interview questions? From what I can gather (my DD doesn't give much away) these were questions about yourself .

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