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Hi Miracle - my DD auditioned last year and this is how it worked for her. She auditioned for Year 8 place and was told that the majority of MDS awards would go to the Year 7 places but there could be some for Year 8 and beyond. She was invited back to Funding Finals. She was asked to joined the school but told that there was no MDS available for her and she would be on the SWL. I do know of 1 other girl who auditioned for Year 8 and got an MDS. Our finances were sent to the Finance Director and we were also offered a 50% bursury - sadly this was too much for us as we knew what we would get for the MDS and we could afford that. We had to turn down the offer. I believe the full fees are about 22k and so we were offered 11k towards it as part of the bursury.

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