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Bolshoi Ballet’s Svetlana Lunkina says threats drove her from Russia

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Bizarre and rather scary...  :blink: 


A renowned Russian ballerina with the famed Bolshoi Theatre has decided against returning home from Canada because she fears for her safety, a Russian newspaper reported Tuesday.

In its report, the Izvestia daily cited Svetlana Lunkina as receiving threats and facing blackmail.


From the Toronto Star 1/29/13

Edited by John Mallinson
Excessive quote from online newspaper
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How sad that the lovely escapist bauble that I perceived the ballet world to be has been smashed. The Times has this news in an article today along with a beautiful clip of her dancing something I do not recognise - Gail

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Boomer, you quoted in full an article from the Toronto Star and I have modified your posting as it is probably in breach of their copyright.


Papers and websites are generally happy with short sample quotes, so the acceptable practice is to quote a couple of lines and then give a reference to the original article, in this case to here.


We should all tread carefully.

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Ah, thanks for clarifying- I will certainly work with that from now on...   :)


I have not seen anything really about what may be behind all of this; although there have been rumblings of problems in the past, this obviously seems quite a bit more serious...I wonder if the police have made any progress in dealing with the whole gruesome matter...

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