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Shocking News on Twitter Today.

Lisa O`Brien

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Hello,A lot of you will know of my major crush on Professor Brian Cox. I follow him and his wife on Twitter every day.He doesn`t Tweet that often,but his wife Gia Milinovich,who is from Minnesota, usually Tweets every day. I`ve had a good few replies from her and she seems like a great character. So imagine my shock this morning when she told us all on Twitter that ,because she`s married to Brian,she has been getting death threats for the past 3 years.She is also stalked;she gets messages from this same woman, who once told Gia exactly what colour skirt and top Gia was wearing at that moment. She said the messages have become more and more threatening and sinister. Of course,the police have all the details,but I don`t know the ins and outs of it. A few months ago, while they were asleep,Gia`s car was completely wrecked and destroyed by someone outside their house in Clapham. She said it was a write-off; that whoever damaged the car could not have been right in the head,such was the savagery behind it. She has been dreading Brian`s new series,Wonders of Life,starting,as she knew things would start up again. I was both shocked and upset to read all this ,because as I said,she is a great character ,often talking of feeling the effects of "Invisible Wife Syndrome" ; while everyone fusses around Brian constantly,she is completely ignored. You think people must lead perfect lives,being married to someone like that. She gets messages all the time from women and girls telling her she`s so lucky to be married to Brian,and hoping he divorces her soon. At the National Television Awards the other night,as her and Brian arrived,she was booed . That`s a high price to pay for having a famous husband who just happens to be handsome.

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I'm not shocked, unfortunately. There are some horrible people out there, and I think the anonymity of the internet allows some people to act in ways they never would in real life, although this particular case seems to have spilled over in to 'real' life. Just read some of the comments under newspaper articles.

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