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Recommendation for a nice Sunday lunch in the Midlands?


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Can anyone recommend somewhere to stop for lunch about halfway between London and Leeds if one were driving up to Leeds for a Northern Ballet Sunday matinee? Not too far off the motorway so as not to prolong the trip too much. Ideally picturesque. (I know, I don't ask for much...) Likewise for dinner on the way home. Thank you for any suggestions.

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I can't personally recommend any but here are a few places that have been recommended in the past:



about 6 miles off jnc 26 of the M1 and 15 mins drive



about 1 mile off the motorway and 5mins drive



next to Risley Hall above



about 5miles off jnc 24 of the M1 and 20 mins drive


Very difficult to find places off the motorway - usually people just stop at services. I'm sure there must be other places that aren't too far though, it's just a case of knowing about them.

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