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Benjamin Millepied to be next Director at Paris Opera Ballet

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Assuming 'LH' is Laurent Hilaire, Marine, do you know if he was actually a candidate for the job?  If so, he would surely have been at least as strong a candidate as BM - if not stronger - based on his long and very distinguished career with POB.


POB management may of course have had other reasons for giving the job to BM. 

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I would have thought that La Riche may also have been a candidate.  However, I think the board may well - in the longer run - have made a wise choice.  BM certainly will be able to speak the dancer's language - was a fine dancer himself - and may well be able to deal with a politic uniquely ripe in Paris.  We should all, I think, send him naught but best wishes.  

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Writer/critic Laura Cappelle has been tweeting over the past hour from the Press Conference in Paris.  Some highlights:


Season 2014-15 will be programmed by Mme Lefèvre to permit a transition.  (NB: the handover is after next season, in September 2014)


There's apparently no time limit on his contract.  Surprising?


He says Nureyev is part of POB's history but, in time, he might want to change some things.


He's not bringing any new staff with him.


Stephane Lissner, soon to take over as General Director at The Opera, said he met 9 candidates, in France and abroad.


He (Millepied) wants to do Opera /Ballet collaborations.


He wants POB to tour more and to open the company to his generation of classical choreographers.  And his first new piece next season will be a Daphnis and Chloe.

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'..I expect Millepied means he will be choreographing his own version...'


If true, that's rather disappointing (with all due respect to Millepied's choreoraphic strengths).  POB now perform Ashton's 'Fille' and it has proved so popular that I rather hoped Millepied was picking up on it.

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