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parking on a sunday

along for the ride mum

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We have driven many times to Covent Garden there is an expensive NCP car park just round the corner from the school. There are also a few parking meters don't get caught out by resident parking bays. Only thing I can't remember if you have to pay on a Sunday. Luckily I usually was being driven so didn't have to worry about finding somewhere to park in time to get to school or Opera House. There have been occasions we had to drive around to find a space. You can pay by phone so could be useful to sign up to the scheme before you go as it wasn't quick to sign up to on the day. Good luck.

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You can park on single yellow lines on Sundays, but finding a space can be tricky. You can also park at meters without charge on Sundays, but again finding a space is difficult.


In case you ever want to park on other days, you can park on single yellows from 6.30 pm onwards or free at meters from 6.30 pm. A lot of the meters in the Covent Garden area are paybyphone and if there's any chance you might get there a little early I certainly second KathyG's recommendation to sign up for that ahead of time because doing it on the spot is an absolute nightmare!


And the NCP carpark is indeed very expensive, with an off-putting barrier at the entrance that rises slowly enough to give you heart failure wondering if it's ever going to rise, which it always has - so far (if it didn't you'd have to do a steep reverse hill-start to get out!) , followed by tricky corners to navigate to find a space. Then, when you return to get your car, there's the temperamental door-entry system, the even more temperamental trio of pay machines, the tricky corners and finally the precipitous uphill slope at the exit barrier. In fact I think NCP should pay the public to use it.

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