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RB Cinderella gala spare amphi ticket £45

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Re Cinderella Gala March 27 Amphitheatre L48 £45


A friend can no longer use the ticket I bought her for the Cinderella Gala, March 27.  I was just about to return it to the Box Office but thought I should check here in case somebody on the Forum might want to use it.  It's in the Amphitheatre, on the aisle immediately behind the staircase (L48).  It's cheaper than other seats in that area because it's considered restricted view as it has a ledge in front of it.  The advantage of this is that you have no audience members in front of you.


If interested, please post here and also send me a PM.  If there's no interest, I'll return it to the Box Office at the beginning of next week.

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