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Tring - help please


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I’d love to be able to ask some questions about school life at Tring. Daughter has been offered a place but I don’t feel I know enough about it. I’ve sent some questions to the school direct but would love a parent’s viewpoint. Anyone willing to let me ask them a few (hopefully easy!) questions pls message me.


Also, if anyone knows the following:


do students that get places in the year 7/8/9 stage automatically get a place to yrs 10/11 or do they all have to re-audition and no guarantee. If re-audition does anyone know roughly how many get to stay?



many thanks

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Yes they have a place in those years once they are in. Technically they don’t assess out, they have two annual assessments, one in November and one in June if there are serious concerns they address them quickly.


The only time a child in the school re auditions is for the Upper School, so Y12. 

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