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Sophie Kinsella Novels


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one of my students, in year 8 (so age 13ish) has put in a request for a Sophie Kinsella novel.


I'm not exactly a fan of ms Kinsella but just wanted to sanity check if any of you had DDs who read these books - are they suitable for this age group? A quick flick through shows nothing too unsavoury but just wanted to check.


For 13 upwards though I am thoroughly enjoying Matched by Ally Condie, for boys of all ages I'm also enjoying the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson.


thank you!



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Can't really remember what order they are in so not sure which you were referring to there, Fiz, but in my opinion, the Shopaholic series was very good. I read these at around 12-13, and don't recall anything particularly shocking (there was quite a lot of vulgar language, but I think as long as the student knows that such language is inappropriate at home, that is fine. Personally, I found the swearing made it funnier- perhaps the thought of adults using such taboo words was quite amusing!!!!!) The storylines are generally very good; i'd recommend Confessions of a Shopaholic (Which I first read aged 11, and found very funny, although it did seem like quite an 'adult' book), Shopaholic & Sister, Shopaholic & Baby, and Shopaholic Abroad (Think that's right? The one where she went to Milan & New York). I would, however, not recommend the Madeline Wickham novels (Sophie Kinsella is a pen name; she published another series under her real name) as they seem a lot less lighthearted, with some slightly more adult content about relationships etc, if I remember rightly. Of course, this is just my opinion, and sorry for the long post!!! ;)

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Sorry, but I hated Shopaholic and Sister and the baby one too. The first two were good but whether she was writing to fulfill contractual obligations or some thing else, I thought the two I mentioned were very poor. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, just as I am as well.

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