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Matthew Bourne's " Sleeping beauty"

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Watching " Mayerling" wasn't the only aim for my visit to England. I adore Matthew Bourne's works since I saw " The car man" in Sadler's Wells theater and try to see them whenever it's possible. Actually I was surprised not finding any reviews her of his last creation " The midnight bell" which I was lucky to see in Brighton last year.

  Well, however, seeing that his company would perform " The Sleeping Beauty" in Plymouth precisely during the days I'm in Britain, I didn't hesitate to buy the tickets. And only afterwards I looked at the map to see where exactly is Plymouth located.

Well, I found out that my knowledge of geography has faded substantially since I'd finished the school, but done is done and the only thing we could do was to find the less expensive bus/train tickets from London to go to this beautiful coastal city worth of visiting even without Matthew Bourne's company.

   Well, we weren't dissapointed. Matthew Bourne combines the classical dance with modern movements and interesting twists of the plot like no one else. We were lucky to have Ashley Shaw as princess Aurora, Andrew Monaghan as Leo, the royal gamekeeper, Paris Fitzpatrick as Carabosse and Caradoc, and Dominic North as Count Lilac, the king of the fairies, and they and the rest of the dancers indeed made the evening unforgettable. Even though I got somewhat confused about the vampire/Dracula scenes in the performance, but I suppose, that's why it's called "A Gothic romance".

  It was the first performance of the 2022 remount but it didn't look like one, everybody was acting and dancing with a great precision and joy, so easily, and effortlessly, that we couldn't but enjoy every moment of this wonderful evening!

  I caught myself on  the thought that the next time I probably won't bother again to look where is the town the New Adventures perform - I'll surely just buy the tickets again first!

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