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Just seen this article about ENO's Arts Council grant, and the money seems to be dependent on ENO moving out of London and (good arts-administration lingo) reimagining itself. 


"We don’t want to bring down the curtain on ENO, but opera has to change"



Is what they're suggesting actually realistic? When a funding organisation is excusing its decisions by saying, more or less, "we aren't trying to kill you off, but...". that tends to make me suspicious. (Also wondering if they have something similar in mind for ENB at some point in the future as they look at ways of saving money.)

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It's very unrealistic, at least in the way imagined by ACE.


There is a good argument to be had against ENO continuing in its present form and with the level of subsidy currently received, but it's been so shoddily handled by ACE that they'll have lost many (including me) who would otherwise have been sympathetic.

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49 minutes ago, Jan McNulty said:

I've just come across this article:



That very observation in the Guardian article was part of why I posted this thread - I mean, we're sort of into "you couldn't make it up" territory here. I mean, fine, perform opera in car parks. Just don't expect ENO to be the company doing it.


Plus, if they're serious about making opera accessible to people everywhere and performed in all sorts of new and exciting ways, we're going to need significant investment in music education at all levels in school, and from what I'm gathering from reading newspapers and blogs and whatnot, that's the exact opposite of what's actually happening.

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