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Live from the Royal Opera House - NOW!

John Mallinson

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Link to the video stream.


10.00am – Pre-recorded build up to the live stream

10.30am – LIVE Rehearsals for director of opera Kasper Holten’s new production of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin

10.45am – LIVE Director John Fulljames reveals the costumes and set design for La Donna del Lago

11.10am – LIVE Return to rehearsals for Eugene Onegin

11.40am – LIVE Stage and piano rehearsals for The Minotaur, due to open at the Royal Opera House later this month

1.30pm – LIVE Kasper Holten in discussion with music director Sir Antonio Pappano

1.45pm – LIVE Chorus of The Royal Opera rehearse the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from Verdi’s Nabucco

3.00pm – LIVE The Minotaur rehearsal with orchestra

3.10pm – LIVE Fight workshop with Jette Parker Young Artists

3.40pm – LIVE Rehearsals of the choreography for Eugene Onegin

4.00pm – LIVE Vocal coaching for the Young Artists

5.40pm – LIVE Final preparations for tonight’s performance of La Boheme

6.00pm – LIVE A vocal masterclass led by Sir Antonio Pappano

6.30pm – LIVE The Royal Opera House’s Youth Opera Company warm-up for La Boheme

6.50pm – LIVE Conductor Sir Mark Elder makes his final preparations for La Boheme

7.20pm – The day of action culminates with an exclusive look at what happens behind the scenes during a live performance at the Royal Opera House with a pre-recorded performance of Act III of Wagner’s The Valkyrie which was captured earlier in the season with 21 cameras. You can choose to watch the performance from three very different perspectives – backstage with the stage manager’s cues and calls; in the orchestra pit with conductor Sir Antonio Pappano; or pick a wide-angle view of the whole performance as if you were sitting in the stalls.

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Like the Ballet day it's undeniably addictive, but I have to go out now! A fascinating tussle between Kasper Holten and Simon Keenlyside over a point of interpretation in rehearsal for Eugene Onegin about an hour ago. (And Kirsty Wark is once again confirming my impression that she is much more relaxed and happier doing Arts-related programmes than Newsnight.)

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As the day went on, my experience was of increasing and lengthening 'freezes' of the streaming and, eventually, around 7pm, I just gave up. There had been comments since the start by people having considerable difficulty in maintaining a picture. One response mentioned the ideal setups for reception and mine satisfied the requirements stated, so I'm left wondering what the problem was today as I don't recall there having been one on the RB streaming day last year. Different tech teams with different approaches? An inability of the servers involved to cope with increasing demand as the US population got involved? Who knows? It's a pity, because much of the day had been fascinating, and I'd say they have a bit of thinking to do before attempting another day like this one.


(PS: to repeat: Kirsty should give up Newsnight, where she sounds just strident and looks miserable half the time - I'm sure she doesn't need the cash - and do more Arts stuff where she is patently happy, smiles, and is clearly at home. She has never been at success at emulating Paxman.)

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