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Angela Lansbury RIP

Jan McNulty

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This lovely actress died today, just five days before her 97th birthday.  

A friend of mine is a first assistant director in the movie industry in LA. He has worked with many actors over the years, and he told me once that Miss Lansbury was the most professional and reliable he has ever worked with. A joy, he said.  

Her career spanned eight decades; a remarkable achievement.  RIP Dame Angela. 

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A personal remembrance - MANY, many years ago I was on stage in one play in New York and - one day - found myself getting into a lift on an uppermost floor of what was then known as ICM (International Creative Management) in New York City.  The lift went down just one floor and who should get in but Angela Lansbury.  I sheepishly pushed myself into a far corner - not wanting to intrude on that grand artiste's space.  She turned her head and flashed those huge eyes of hers in my direction and smiled then turned away.  Fleeting moments passed.   (It was - even from a Big Apple perspective - a TALL building).  She then turned back and asked if I was - who I was.  I stood shocked and then - stuttering - blurted 'Yes, I am.'  She then said that she had seen a matinee of the play I was doing and she thought I was 'just terrific'.  I'll never forget that moment - or my amazement.  I replied that I had just seen her in a preview of the then-new (i.e., original production of) Sweeney Todd and had been totally bowled over.  She laughed and said we were 'our own mutual admiration society'.  We were indeed.  May that great lady rest in peace.  Heaven knows she deserves it.  




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