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Vocational Ballet coaching: José Martin


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Hi. I’m new to contributing to the forum but have found some great recommendations here as we’ve navigated the world of Associates and Summer Schools over the years. Now I would like to add my own personal voice of praise, and also thanks, to José Martin of Raw Talent. My DD (15) has been very fortunate to work closely with him for five years, and he has been key in helping her achieve her goal of a place at a top vocational ballet school in Europe. 

Throughout, José has been unrelentingly positive and patient, paying great attention to detail and laying down solid foundations. Each class has been fresh and different, keeping my DD mentally (as well as physically!) on her toes, and ensuring she is more than capable of dealing with the speed and variety of different teaching styles at her new school. She now looks forward to his continued support in her holidays.

It has not always been easy supporting our DD with vocational training without being in a vocational Lower school, but José gave us the confidence that she was on the right track, and our experience has shown that it is possible to enter full-time training at a later age.

If you're based in London or around Bucks/Herts/Berks and you need a long-term coach/mentor, help with audition videos, or one-off classes with honest and knowledgeable advice, I can strongly recommend José. Also if you’re lucky enough to be in the top level at London Senior Ballet, he is the class teacher.

Instagram: @Raw Talent

email: info@rawtalentballetcoaching.com


As a disclaimer: I am not working for, nor being paid to promote Raw Talent and José: just a very happy parent of a very happy DD and hoping to help anyone looking for a great coach.


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hear hear, my DD loved to be coached by Jose who prepared her for her company auditions, helped with variation choice, adaptations to show off her skills and recording of audition videos.
The only negative was the distance for her to travel to his location where he taught (on some occasions she travelled to his London studio but 90% was coached outside)

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