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Ballet theatre UK associates and summer school


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Thought some of you with older dcs (14- 17) might be interested to know that ballet theatre UK are setting up an associate scheme and summer school. Details are on their website with application forms pending. (not sure if the links below will work....)






Just so you know I have no association with the company but have enjoyed their performances at our little local theatre greatly and I know people are often looking for new associate courses and summer schools so thought I would post although my own dd is too young!



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Well Ballet Theatre UK could certainly do with updating their home page to save people searching high and low for where they are based! (I 'm going to e-mail them!!)


They are actually now in permanent studios in Hinckley, more information can be found on the blog page (you have to go a long way down!) , they also have a facebook page and Twitter account which will give people more information. On facebook its clear that they are currently renovating the studios used by a school called Eloquent in Hinckley therefore sharing the premises although Ballet Theatre Uk will still be a completely separate concern.


So its ideal for keen students in the Midlands, not so much for those in my area which is an hour and a half away.


But its certainly a good opportunity for students to work with a professional Ballet company that is really beginning to make its mark with very good reviews not just from local newspapers wherever they have performed but also in Dancing Times and Dance Europe. The standard is certainly very high, I certainly thought they were the best of the Ballet Companies cominig to my closest theatres and that was before my own ds got involved!


Hope this helps.

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