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Adult ballet beginners short course


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Hi everyone and happy new year! Apologies if this is not the right place to post this (admin, please remove if not) but I've been quiet on the forum but reading every now and then and noticed that a regular even if not frequent theme is about adult beginners or returning adults looking for somewhere to get up to speed on the basics of ballet before attending an open class or just to have a taster for it. In speaking to some of my adult beginners from my last batch of classes, I realised there is definitely a need for this so I'm looking into running a short course and wanted to see if there was any interest on the forum! This isn't an intensive as that's not suitable for beginners, and would simply be a small, supportive environment to learn the basics of ballet with others who are on the same "number" class as you are, attend a ballet performance and have a workshop with a professional dancer. It would be in North/Central London in Feb/March across perhaps 3 consecutive weekday evenings. More details to be confirmed and I'd be happy to answer any questions by email but please message me if at all interested - no commitment necessary. Thanks all and hope everyone had a lovely festive break and start to the new year! :)

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Hi Miss.Pointe


I think it would be useful to put a little more meat on the bone and tell us what you had in mind.

  1. The three consecutive evenings, how many hours each evening?
  2. Are there any aspects of ballet that you most definitely will not be covering?.
  3. Some indication of course content eg Barre moves, Centre practice moves, Across the room moves, sequencies, port de Bras, and who's style of reverence? if used.
  4. Anticipated maximum size of class
  5. Will you be operating to any form of documented training plan.

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Hi Michelle - apologies for the delay in responding. Also I can't seem to use returns to start a new paragraph on BalletcoForum at the moment so my paragraphs are all squashed together! As I said, more details would be arranged as it depends on demand for spaces and which studio I'd use, cost of workshop/tickets, etc. It would be around 3 hours each evening and the very basics of ballet for absolute beginners. I anticipate at the moment it would be between 6-10 adults, so a very small, supportive class. It would include basic positions, posture, floor barre, barre work, some centre practice (very basic introduction), etc, along those lines. I teach adult beginners in a flexible way depending on their abilities and absorption so no real documented training plan at this stage. Please feel free to message for more details!

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