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Just thought that I would mention have any of you tried booking hotels using the lastminute.com secret rooms. We did and managed to book a fab 5*hotel by london Tower Bridge for £100. With so many auditions going on around London, the price of these hotels are working out cheaper than some travel lodges. Our hotel had a swimming pool and spa and it worked out a lovely treat when we visited our daughter.

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I've just booked a hotel by Tower Hill for a surprise for my two this Thursday in London, but would be interested to know what the "secret rooms" part is? I used the normal comparisons from laterooms.com, lastminute and hotels.com etc We ended up paying £208 for a triple room, which was annoying as a double is £104!

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On lastminute.com, after you have chosen your location if you scroll down you will see a grey picture with secret rooms written on it. Secret rooms will be a hotel that is not named until you have paid for it. All I can say is that our 5* hotel was gorgeus and the price tag was even better.

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With a bit of patience and detective work you can usually work out which the secret hotel is by reading and comparing the description of other hotels on offer. I have had lots of good secret hotels but have had a few disappointments too!

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For people who occasionally need to book a hotel in the UK and are uncertain about the latest deals and options, I've found that the best place to start is usually moneysavingexpert.com's section on latest UK hotel deals:


and general hotel search strategy (which outlines the basics of secret sales etc):


The above pages are basically without commercial bias, updated quite often, and generally in advance of moneysavingexpert.com's weekly bulletin, which goes usually goes online on Tuesday night and is distributed by email during Tuesday night/Wednesday - before the Top 20 deals of UK Travelzoo (http://www.travelzoo.co.uk) - which is updated online at 11 a.m. on Wednesday and is then distributed via email.


But - there are other good resources around and the above don't typically focus on specific needs of ballet travellers.


[Edited to correct typo]

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