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What to serve at a ballet-themed dinner party?

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Katherine: A well-constructed Menu, and no surprise that there's a Pavlova in there. I understand that back in 1958, when the RB did its long Australia/NZ tour, in almost all of the places they went 'Pavlova Cake' would regularly be produced as 'something special for you folks.' (Possibly with some justification, as I'm not sure that it was something widely available over here by then - and it certainly wasn't anything I grew up with in the post-war West of Scotland.)

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Weren't the ROH doing something like that during the Swan Lake run? I thought I noticed it in passing, although I generally don't pay any attention to their catering.


Yes they did a swan meringue with chestnut creme for Swan Lake I could not get a reservation to try it out!!

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