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Happy New Year!!


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Since I am an ocean and a continent away it is not yet the new year. Since you have already crossed the threshold, I will gladly follow in your footsteps so that I may look forward to another year of enjoying with each of you the pleasures of this community.


Let us all hope that somehow our world will improve. That somehow peace will blossom. That the endless turbulent history of our species will somehow not repeat itself. That we will each be content within our own space. That somehow the truly wondrous things which we are capable of will win out against the darkness of which we are also capable.


That no parent will weep needlessly over loss of a child. That no child will be hungry. That when another person succeeds we are all enhanced - not diminished.


I hope that each of you and those around you have a Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

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Just for fun -


My New Year's wishes for you:


May the candles on your birthday cake increase


May the eyes you look into be loving.


May your doctor visits be regular checkups.


May your library books never be overdue.


May your visits to the auto shop be to rotate the tires.


May a stop by a police officer be to tell you what a wonderful driver you are.


May your progeny earn more than one Nobel Prize.


May the plumber come to your house only to find its the wrong address.


May the IRS lose your file.


May you never drive off a fiscal cliff.


May your bank balance exceed your checks.


May all your choices on a multi-choice test be correct.


May you outlive your term life insurance.


May your metaphors never be mixed.


May all your fast food orders be correctly filled.


May one of the lottery winning e-mails from Africa be true.


May your stuff work and never break and your brakes always work.


May your dental records not change.


May your mirror smile back at you.

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