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Looking for A Biography of Princess Caroline Mahtilde


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Does anyone know of a good biography of Princess Caroline Mathilde - King George III's sister - she went on to marry Danish King Christian VII.


There is a movie "A Royal Affair" recently out on her affair with the court physician. The movie was here very briefly and I missed it. However, the movie is based on a novel (historical fiction) and I'd like to read a non-fiction book of her life.


I've searched through several data bases - but it's difficult to tell which are fiction/non-fiction as there are a number of books - with no reviews.


Any help would be appreciated.


I am at present reading an excellent biography on Thadeus Stevens (after seeing the move "Lincoln.") His biting wit reminds me of Churchill.

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There is of course the 1991 ballet 'Caroline Mathilde' made for the Royal Danish Ballet by Flemming Flindt, music by Peter Maxwell Davies. There are a couple of reviews on some 2007 performances of this in the Ballet.co archives by Jane and Janet. Amazon lists the film you mention, Anjuli, as there is also a DVD, but possibly only in European format.


I assume the novel you mention is 'The Visit Of The Royal Physician' by Enquist and Nunnally, also on Amazon. There is also a book by Stella Tillyard - 'A Royal Affair: George III And His Troublesome Siblings'. This is said to be a very readable book, but having read it before seeing the ballet I found it a useful and informative account of George III's siblings, with the greater part devoted to Caroline Mathilde.


Other books mentioned on Amazon include:

Princesses: The Six Daughters of George III by Flora Fraser

and a book in German - Die Verschworung Gegen Die Konigin Caroline Mathilde von Danemark

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