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Problems on the forum

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Today I've had intermittent problems accessing the forum with frequent error messages.


It seems OK now but I think it looks as though at some stage the forum has been restored to a particular point and that any posts between that point and the restoration of the forum to normal use may have been lost.


Please let us know if you think one of your posts has disappeared so that we can try and check what has happened.



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1 minute ago, Balletfanp said:

I’ve noticed that several recent posts have vanished (including mine, but others too) from the Ashton thread.


Were they after Ianlond's post currently appearing as the final post on the thread?

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15 minutes ago, Balletfanp said:

Yes, I think there were a number of them after that but I can’t remember who from. One must have been Sim’s because I tried (unsuccessfully!) to quote her post in mine!



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I tried to post about the triple bill last night but following an error message it disappeared and then reappeared when I came back later. Then an error message came up and when I finally managed to get back on the forum the post had completely disappeared.  

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