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Elastic Drawstrings


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Hi all


I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable people out there know of an easy way to replace the regular drawstrings on ballet shoes with elastic ones.


DD's shoes fit really well in all other ways, but because she has such high arches the shoes tend to gape at the sides when she goes up onto demi-pointe.


I've a ready supply of elastic drawstrings from her used canvas shoes, and thought I might have a go at putting them in her demi-pointes and pointe shoes, but I don't want to make a hash of it :blink:


Help please!

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I assume you could just tie the elastic one to the end on the normal one and then pull it through with the other end of the normal one and then cut the knot off when it's all the way round.


I did think about doing this, but wasn't sure whether the knot would be too big for the hole and get stuck!

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You can take a very small (tiny) safety pin, pin it to the end of the elastic and push it through. That gives you something to push against as you feed it through.

I've done that with a bodkin, very fiddly and takes ages if the casing is quite small. The only way to do it though if your drawstring comes out completely!

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I've done the same as Katymac in the past when DD's drawstrings have snapped or become very frayed. I'd tried the safety pin option and just didn't have the patience for it.


When sewing the drawstrings together use a contrasting thread (I use black), then you don't run the risk of damaging the new drawstring when you cut them apart afterwards - voice of experience on that one! oops.

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