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BRB Adult Insight Opportunity


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The BRB are holding more Insight days in April 2013, my daughter has taken part in previous years and found them to be a great opportunity (just noticed there is a picture of her on their page!).


They are holding an Adult Class this time around. It's a mixed class on 9th April 2013 from 18.15 - 20.00 hrs. Description of Adult Dancer was 18+ with some classical experience.


Hopefully the link will work :





It may be of interest?!

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Younger dd doing the intermediate level ..... I don't normally worry about confirmation letters and such but I'm just wondering wether to book the train .the last time I drove to Birmingham I thought I was going to spontaneously combust I got so cross losing my way into Birmingham . I think Ive just made my own mind up lol...... They cashed the cheque a while ago now .

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Don't worry Hairbelles our letter arrived for Intermediate today - I'm sure it's just the postie.One of DDs friends is also going & she didn't apply till after the closing date.The class was not full.Hope to see you there x

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I received confirmation today too however someone had already opened the letter on my behalf! It literally arrived through my letterbox already torn open it wasn't as if the flap had come unstuck someone had very clearly opened it! I'm not sure if I have all of the correct forms, this is what I received could someone please confirm if there is anything missing?


Confirmation letter

Media Consent Form

Medical Form


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Perhaps I should wear a carnation or carry a rolled up copy of the Dancing Times ;)

Seriously llook out for a dark haired mum and a blonde grandma ,dd blonde very slim and wearing a light blue leotard.

Would be nice to put some faces to names.

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