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ballet west summer school


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DD attended last summer. The students were spilt into two classes - it looked to be by age. Lots of ballet and some jazz. There is a range of standards, but there were some very talented ballet dancers. On my dd's week there were children from a number of vocational schools as well as recreational dancers. Lessons were all taken by the Ballet West teachers.

They are accommodated in the actual house in a range of rooms- from a large dormitory for the younger children to twin bedrooms for the older ones. Some of the older students were in one of the chalets which are close to the main house. Food was good too.

There aren't organised activites as such in the evenings, but they walk down to the shop in the village and watch DVDs.

DD would thoroughly recommend, because of the small numbers attending everyone gets to know everyone else, so it is very friendly- which I feel is important.

It's also in a gorgeous part of the world.

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