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Tring Christmas party weekend


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My little dd just returned from a fab weekend. They saw Enb Nutcracker Fri night, had a ballet class and rehearsal for show yesterday and today and a Xmas party and games last night. The show today was fab... The 64 children involved ( 3 groups) put on 5 dances: flowers, mirlitons, Chinese, Russian and snowflakes. They did an amazing job! A good time had by all .

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Yes mine enjoyed herself too, I had a txt from her yesterday saying she really wants to go full time in Yr9, I told her she'll be lucky!!! Mean't to say hello to you but couldn't see you after Xmas carols and had a lift home with friends so couldn't hang around. Met your other lovely DD on Friday she said she loves ENB School, hoping mine will do summer school there next year, she's been offered a place just need to organise it as its non residential. Ax

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