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Physio at auditions


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3 hours ago, ba11erina said:

Hi i’m auditioning for upper schools and I was just wondering what happens in physio examinations? I’ve never had one at an audition before and I’m a little nervous 

They ask you to show certain positions to see your natural facility. They move your joints to see the range of movement- spine, hips, shoulders.

not sure if they are doing hands on at the moment due to covid, someone else might be able to help with that. 

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You for sure have nothing to worry about with the physio assessment. This should be the easiest part of your day! Just make sure you take shorts and a sports bra just in case.


All the physio is checking for is your movement and facility but more than that, just checking there's no problems. Mostly they're ticking off on a list yes or no that you have the movement required for ballet/dance. 


They'll look for PROM - which is your passive range of movement, they will move your joints around for you as you lay still and relax. 

They'll likely get you to do a back bend and look at your posture in standing 


It's important to remember that you can't change anything that your body just is like naturally. It's better to relax so that your joints can be moved passively/easily - the more you tense up the less movement the physio will be able to feel in your joints. 

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