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Celebrating Laura Morera

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I'm suddenly regretting seeing Morera & Bonelli on Saturday rather than today! Not that I could have realistically gone today. I've not seen a medal presentation. If people get silver for 25 years, are there bronze & gold medals too & if so how long are they for?

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I took one of Laura looking delighted with her medal....

I didn't notice in advance about the presentation, but by happy coincidence had ordered flowers for Laura with a note thanking her for all the happy hours she had provided for us.  I don't often send flowers but also arranged for Fede to have some for the same reason!  I'm so glad I did.  They were richly deserved.

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Might this be an appropriate place to share a personal story? Some four or five years ago I had cause to discuss the present era of the Royal Ballet with Clement Crisp. When I asked him for his particular favourites among those in the company he thought for a while and then picked just one name, Laura Morera: “she has everything”. 

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