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BalletcoForum 10th Birthday Prize Draw

BalletcoForum Moderators

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Dear Forum Members,


Hello, and we hope you are all keeping well.  Some of you may know that December 23rd is BalletcoForum’s 10th birthday!  In order to commemorate this milestone we thought it would be fun to celebrate in a way that we could share with our loyal members.  So…


We are delighted to announce a prize draw. In order to help us celebrate our special birthday with you, the following dancers (and Dave and Rob!) have very generously donated the 10 prizes listed below (a huge thank you to all of them):



1.    Brandon Lawrence (Principal, Birmingham Royal Ballet) – a pair of signed shoes

2.    Brandon Lawrence - a signed photo

3.    Anna-Rose O’Sullivan (Principal, Royal Ballet) – a pair of signed pointe shoes

4.    Yasmine Naghdi (Principal, Royal Ballet) – a pair of signed pointe shoes

5.    Marianela Nunez (Principal, Royal Ballet) – a pair of signed pointe shoes

6.    Francesca Velicu (First Artist, English National Ballet) – a pair of signed pointe shoes

7.    Matthew Ball (Principal, Royal Ballet) – a pair of signed shoes and signed postcard photo

8.    James Hay (First Soloist, Royal Ballet) -  signed photo ( photo kindly donated by Rob Salnow)     

9.    Rachael Gillespie (First Soloist, Northern Ballet) - a pair of signed pointe shoes and Northern Ballet - signed poster

10.  Dave Morgan – 2022 calendar of some of his finest ballet photos 


The draw will be limited to the first 200 entrants.  Entrants must be registered forum members as at 28 November 2021.  The deadline for receipt of entries is 17:00 UK time on 20th December 2021.   Should 200 entries be received before this deadline the draw will be closed to further entries.


The draw will work as follows:  10 names will be drawn from the list of entrants (there will be a number allocated to each name and 10 numbers will be randomly generated to choose the 10 winners).  Once we have the 10 winners, the prizes will then be allocated to each person randomly, again by a number generator.  Please therefore do not enter the draw unless you would be happy to win any of the listed prizes as changes to prizes won will not be made. 


Please note the following conditions of entry:  

Prizes won are NOT to be sold on;

Winners agree to their name (as used on the forum) and prize won being posted on the forum.



How to enter:


Please send a DM to the Mods’ account (BalletcoForum Moderators), with the title ‘Prize Draw December 2021’, stating in the message that you would like to be entered into the forum’s prize draw.  We will then acknowledge receipt and confirm your entry (unless the draw has closed in which case you will be informed).


The draw will take place on 21st December and the winners will be announced on 23rd December. 


So…over to all of you…and good luck!! 


BalletcoForum Moderators

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