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Need help!!!! 




So I have booked my first EVARRRR nutcracker show at the Royal Opera house, London. SO I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!!!! 


I am attaching my seating arrangement below: 


Now I need advice if these are:- 


1. Are these good seats? 

2. Are we going to sit or stand? As the description sounds like we are gonna be uncomfy. 

3. Do you lovely ladies have any pictures of the stage from these seats? 

4. Do I need to dress up? 

5. If I do need to dress up, then what is the dress code?

6. Send me dress up inspos, pleaseeee!!!!


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OK - from a bloke...


1. they are OK - but you are a fair distance from the stage - bring binoculars

2. you will be sitting. The seats are fairly comfortable, but 50mins in each act is a long time to sit still

3. there should be views from the seat on the Opera House website

4 & 5 dress up if you like, there is no real 'code'. Just bear in mind your comfort (when sitting) and getting to/from your seats

6. ???


Oh, and welcome to the forum


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Welcome to the forum, nikitasarkar24.


These are in the central block in the amphitheatre, quite high up, which shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't have vertigo, but should give you a clear view of the production, which is fairly stunning (I note that Dave has recommended binoculars if you want to see things closer up - x3 or x4 magnification should be fine if you have some, but don't go out and buy any specially - but then he's used to being rather closer to the stage and looking at faces.  You may prefer just to have an overview of the whole thing). Normally the Royal Opera House booking pages show you the seat type and view from the seat, but this functionality seems to be missing at present, along with a few other things.  They are seats - it would specifically state that they were standing places if not - so don't worry about that.  I'm not sure, from the door they've specified, whether you need to go up or down the stairs to get to your seat, but both options are available, even if one is the "official" entrance (I haven't really got my head around the newish door numbering system as yet).  I've sat in other amphi seats (none of which have armrests, as far as I know), and the only risk is that if you have a particularly large person next to you they may encroach on your space somewhat.  The legroom won't be brilliant, though.


You can find more information, including dress code (or lack of one), here:




I always say that if you aim for "smart casual" you're unlikely to feel you stick out like a sore thumb in any circumstances, but quite frankly there's a huge range.  I often turn up in jeans and a T-shirt.  Some people turn up in what you might call "partywear", especially for Christmas treats like Nutcracker, but you're not in one of the "posher" parts of the House, so don't feel there's any obligation to dress up, especially if it's a matinee.


Hope this helps.

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I am so excited for you! I can feel the joyful anticipation in your post and that's so lovely to see :)

Others have already answered your question, but I just wanted to add that the ROH gift shop sells foldable cardboard opera glasses for £3, which are surprisingly good - other than aesthetics, I actually prefer them to my "real" ones as they fold up flat and require no fiddling around with focus. They last quite long too - tens of performances if looked after well - just perhaps needing a little bit of glue or sellotape to reattach the plastic lenses to the cardboard frame if they become loose. 

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