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Modern Dance Exams


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I don't have any dance or technique related advice, but there are some things you can do to give yourself the best chance perform to your best.


1) Get all your kit ready tonight and packed in your bag, so that you aren't rushing around looking for things in the morning.

2) If possible take spare tights - just in case you snag the pair you were planning to wear

3) Plan to get to the exam venue in plenty of time.  That way if there are any delays you will still get there in time.  If no delays you will be able to take your time getting ready.

4) Given that you are going to get to the exam venue early, think about how you are going to fill the time once you are ready.  Maybe take a book to read, or music to listen to. Something which will help to keep you relaxed and distract you from the nervousness.  I would avoid social media - that can make you more anxious

5) Take snacks and drinks which won't stain.  So avoid chocolate and probably stick to plain water before the exam.  

6) Chat with the other candidates in your group if people are chatty, but don't get involved in competitive conversations which might undermine your confidence.  

7) Remember you are not there to compete with anyone, just to show off the best that you can be.



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