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RBS Spring Intensive 2022 changes


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Did anyone else clock this on the RBS website? 



Join us in Covent Garden this Spring and curate your own Intensive Course

The Royal Ballet School will deliver a newprogramme of courses during the Easter break 2022. We are delighted to bring you an exciting variety of programmes in Covent Garden, as we are unable to offer our usual residential course at White Lodge this Spring.



4-8 April 2022



The Royal Ballet School, 46 Floral Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9DA

Please note, this is a non-residential course.



Students aged 12-13 and 14-15 years old (age by 1 May 2022).


Application deadlines

Applications open 25 October.

Applications close 17 November.



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‘Non residential’ 

I think that explains it 


Covid cases in many UK schools are soaring namely because there are close to zero mitigation’s in place - many windows simply don’t open and mask wearing is not being encouraged.
Also, even though vaccines are now bring offered, many parents are deciding it ‘isn’t safe’ for their children to get them.
eg They’ve done their ‘own research’ (Facebook/ YouTube), sadly watching a few anti vax videos does not equate to decades of study of medical professionals - but hey I’m going off topic. 

White Lodge is a boarding school so it makes perfect sense for them to offer this type of non boarding intensive during a pandemic.

It also puts them in a stronger position should restrictions change next year after everyone has booked. 

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1 hour ago, Gemma said:



do you have a date to accept your place by? Just wondering when it’s likely there there might be movement for us waitlist gang! Thanks.  

Hi! We have until 24th December to confirm and book the lessons. It says if we don’t do it by then it will be offered to someone on the waitlist x 

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DD was waitlisted last year but received a yes this year.  The letter we received said there would be a capacity of 26 in the morning session and 26 in the afternoon session for her age group 14/15.  Congrats to those accepted and fingers crossed for those waitlisted.  No is always hard so we try to think of them as not yet or not now💗

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3 hours ago, Gemma said:

Oh thanks! I’ve already done mine and just used a diff email address and it worked! 

 Good to hear it worked - sounds like they have set up a system that didn’t work - they are not the best with IT if previous issues are anything to go by. 🥺 It’s the first year that they have said to use the same login - as far as I recall. 

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