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We have had a good deal of grief from the woman who lives at the back of our house.We share a drive with this magnificent specimen of humanity.Her latest effort to make our lives miserable was to demand that all the cupressis we inherited when we bought this house should be taken down and put a new fence up.This will cost the best part of £1,000, right before Christmas. So the tree surgeon came today. He was taking them down from her garden as that is the best place to do it. It is very cold. He asked her for a cup of tea. " Ask the neighbours to do it!" He could not believe it. He came to tell us and call her all the names under the sun. This charmless individual goes to church every Sunday and calls herself a Christian! Meanwhile, the tree surgeon has decided not to take all the trees down and that she can deal with any overhanging bits and he will not be available to do them - or else he will and will overcharge her exorbitantly :)

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Speaking of burgling police depts......


When I taught ballet at the University, parking even with a faculty permit was extremely difficult. Not only are the several large parking structures filled to the maximum (there are 32,000 students on campus), but for many city blocks around parking is strictly controlled and patroled with only residents allowed to park.


So, when the University somehow forgot to send me my check and told me to pick it up in person from the payrolll office, this presented an almost insuperable problem.


When I got there I knew that finding a parking space would take a miracle comparable to another parting of the sea (unlikely in San Diego). However, across the street from the payroll office was the university campus police department bristling with security vans and patrol cars - filling every space in their private parking lot - except for one.


Now who would think that someone - especially a frail looking ballet teacher - would DARE to park a private car in such exalted company?


I did - parked - ran across the street - got my check - ran back - got in the car. As I was pulling out a bemedaled armed officer looked at me - I could almost see his thought process on his face.


Did she really park here? Then run into the payroll office and is now leaving? Nah - he thought - can't be. No one would be so daring (foolish).


Dancers are both a brave and foolish lot. And angry for not getting a check for an entire semester of teaching dance.

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Well, I found this mildly amusing: the local train operating company has seen fit to put up a metal "meeting point" sign at one of the local stations. Just in case you can't actually spot the people you're supposed to be meeting on the single, 8-coach-length platform which is all that the station consists of :)

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