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Press Release: English National Ballet's Raymonda by Tamara Rojo

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When I asked ENB about casting they said it might be Oct before it's announced.  I hope it's earlier but I know they're not always as early as we'd like. Many balletgoers are like me and live a long way off and have to dovetail performances together to save on travel and accommodation. So if we want to book early to get the seats we want its often impossible to slip in an extra performance when casting is announced. That said, last time I looked a week or 2 ago there still seemed to be plenty of availability so perhaps I'll wait a bit longer before booking.

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I think we have to appreciate that, given the current and ongoing pandemic situation, it must be even harder than usual to cast too long in advance and when companies provide this information it is even more likely to change at the last minute.

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20 hours ago, LinMM said:

I’ve looked but although you can now book this I can’t see any casting. I don't even know if Frola will be in it but if he is I’d hate to miss him! 

Methinks it’s way too early for a casting announcement.

However, I’m assuming, perhaps wrongly, that the piece will be built around prominent roles for the female members of the company rather than the men.  It will be interesting to see if there’s parity.

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