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Ballet Boost Uniform - where to buy?


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Can someone direct me to the website where I can buy Ballet Boost JA uniform ? Welcome pack says Dance Unlimited but there is nothing available on that site. Thank you 

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  • Jan McNulty changed the title to Ballet Boost Uniform - where to buy?

Hi there,


You can email emma at emma@danceunlimited.co.uk for uniform.


If you have a daughter joining and you'd like to save a wee bit on uniform, I have a Ballet Boost leotard in immaculate condition age 8-10 (chest 60-66cm, waist 55-61cm, hips 68-74cm, girth 115-123cm)).


£10 plus postage. (I paid £26.75)


My daughter's moving up to Mids, so I still need the white belt, but you can easily pick up one of those online.


Hope your daughter/son enjoys Ballet Boost, its a great programme!





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