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Ballet Class the new app for iPhone


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A real pianist is always better! :)


This is not just a gadget, it is a very powerful worktool for all those who can not always afford a real pianist. It is far more flexible than a cd, less expensive than a pianist and it's cheaper than a cd too: €8.99 for 52 tunes which you can custumize as you like, played by a pianist from the Teatro alla Scala. :D

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On the days my pianist doesn't come I use mini discs because they are so easy to record and edit, (just like word processing) and my player does have variable speed.


With Ballet Class you can control the speed without affecting the pitch, which other devices like CD players usually affect. The effect of pitch shift is that the music goes out of tune, it may even sound funny if the speed change causing it is significant.

Besides, you can save the tune with a modified speed as a new tune, so that you don't have to find out the correct speed again and again. You can even create different copies, each with a specific speed (say, for different courses).


Moreover, speed control is not everything to it: you can select how many bars you want the tune to last just by tapping one button. No edit of any sort is needed. And you can save this kind of changes too.

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Thank you for this, I have downloaded the lite version to 'play' with over the Christmas break. We don't have a pianist as our studio's aren't exclusively ours, but also used for Ju Jitsu and Fencing (in the past also Football and Gymnastics), so we don't have a piano.

I have a massive collections of class CD's though, some on mini disc, some on CD. In the past 12 months I have gone over to mainly using my Ipad for class. There is also a great teachers app on there (free), called TeacherKit, for registration, grading and sending group emails...it has revolutionised the amount of paper I carry around with me!

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