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How to register to submit RAD filmed exam?


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Hello everyone 

I am posting on behalf of my daughters ballet teacher, she won’t mind me saying she is not very tech savvy.


Teacher tried to register my DD for filmed exam today.  (She is in Ireland)

On My Exam Entries page, she only has option for New AEC Entry or New RAV Entry.  No option for Filmed exam. 


She he hasn’t been able to contact RAD regional manager.  


Can anybody tell her how to proceed with exam entry?


Can she proceed with filming in advance of registering DD?  And upload the video once registration is sorted out?  


Lastly a question of my own.

DD is only student doing Adv1.

Does that mean she dances non stop except for transition between barre and Centrework, and again between Centrework and Pointe?  Are these the only times she can take a water break?




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There are very comprehensive guidelines for filming in the members section of the RAD website. When filming teachers are meant to allow students appropriate rest breaks as would happen in a normal exam. 


It sounds as if the regional organiser needs to enable video submissions on the drop down menu, I had this problem too in that it simply wasn't given as an option so I had to contact the regional organiser. 


The teacher does not have to complete the form before submitting the video. So I suggest that you "get it in the can" as it were. The "paper work" can be sorted out later. Which is just as well, I am having to postpone some planned filmed exams due to covid (not me personally) so I will simply remove the effected candidates from the finished entry and filmed another time. 

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The drop down option was already there.  It just wasn’t intuitive to choose AEC option for filming, but found it there eventually.


Good to hear about the breaks, especially in this warmer weather.


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