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11 hours ago, Ivy Lin said:


I think he looks like Prince Joffrey.




I hadn't thought of that but now you say it I can see the resemblance.  Poor Vadim, he's far too nice to be a Lannister.    

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On 14/07/2021 at 08:34, DanJL said:

A controversial opinion it seems, but I quite like them 😁 


And me! 


I think for me the key difference is the Sugar Plum Fairy/Prince are fantasy characters and hence the unnatural blond glittery hair (for me) suits this persona - it's not meant to look real or natural. And similarly in Sleeping Beauty they evoke a time and certain character and that works for me. 


I do have more of an issue with the wigs for the 'real' characters - as someone has already mentioned when they look so 'fake' when they are meant to be someone's natural hair, for example in A Month in the Country I feel that's unnecessary and does distract a bit, the dancers' natural hair here should be fine (although styled appropriately for the time/role).  


In short I feel that the wigs for things like SPG and Sleeping Beauty characters (e.g. the White Cat) are very much part of the costume for the role and evoke a certain 'look' (whether people like them or not). And I do quite like these wigs on the whole, or at least appreciate what they're trying to do. 


But the wigs for say Kolia and Titania for example, to use ones people have brought up, to me don't feel like part of a wider costume as much (I can't quite articulate why) and so could definitely be lost without any sense of character/costume being lost. 


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Forget Kolia - I think Matvei's (the footman) hair is even worse.  That brilliant blond always has me wondering whether he's someone else's illegitimate son :)  At least Kolia's hair looks a little less artificial.

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41 minutes ago, jm365 said:

Do you remember the original wigs for  the Marguerite and Armand corps of gentlemen?  I think they were among the worst I have seen.


Yes I do - thankfully they seem to have been discarded (or put down!). Awful things - reminds me of Johnny Deppy as Willy Wonka.

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