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Violetta Elvin RIP


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It has been reported that Violetta Elvin (née Prokhorova; 3 November 1924 - 27 May 2021,) has died, aged 96.


Russian-born, Elvin trained at the Bolshoi, married an Englishman, and joined the Royal Ballet. Her created roles included Fairy Summer in Cinderella, Lykanion in Daphnis and Chloe, and one of the seven ballerinas in Birthday Offering. 


Condolences to her family.



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20 minutes ago, Darlex said:

Her created roles included Fairy Summer in Cinderella


There's rather a nice story about this in the Ashton biography:


"...Ashton used to tease [her] about her amours and her laziness. 'She was always complaining in her languorous way that she couldn't do things and I would laugh and say, "What do you want to do then? Walk?"'


(Though of course there was a bit more to it than that!)

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She was certainly a great beauty - there was a photo of a very beautiful ballerina on the wall in my bedroom as a child which I eventually learned was Violetta - she had become friends with my (Russian) family when she moved to London.  I never met her but my mother was very fond of her and always told me that she was a wonderful dancer (very much in the grand Bolshoi manner with a terrific technique) and extremely charming.  Given that she was taken into the Bolshoi as a soloist, bypassing the corps, by the time she was 20, she was clearly an exceptional talent and it seems that she was hugely popular with the London audience. She moved to Italy with her second husband at the age of 30, which is very young to retire - one wonders how much better known she would have been and what roles she might have created had she continued to dance.  In any case, she certainly seems to have lived life to the full and I am glad to have that gorgeous photo of her as a happy memory from my own childhood.  

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26 minutes ago, Two Pigeons said:

Too many greats dying too close together.

Yes, very true. She was another ballerina whom I admired as a child from the portrait photos in the ballet books I used to pore over. I hope there is recognition on the ROH website and social media of her contribution..

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