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Australian Ballet Promotions

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Congratulations to all the dancers! I don't Know much about the Australian ballet but I'm very happy for the dancers promoted. 

Also, what a lovely way to announce the promotions

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7 minutes ago, capybara said:

Who? I didn’t recognise any of the promotees.

Jacqueline Clark I believe.  Congratulations to her & the others. I hope it's not too many years before we see the Australian Ballet in London again.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you Sim for noticing and posting this.


Of the promotees, Isobelle Dashwood did indeed skip coryphée, going straight to soloist. Keen viewers of the video will note that she is of a similar height to Mr Hallberg, while Yuumi Yamada barely reaches his elbows. So definitely diversity in the female ranks, at least as regards height!


Both Dashwood and Yamada richly deserved their promotions, as did Callum Linnane, who was promoted to senior artist. I haven't seen so much of the other promotees so can't really comment on them.


Yamada danced the Balanchine Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux a week ago and her sheer joy radiated around the theatre.


Dashwood has already danced Myrtha and was wonderfully icy with the most lovely bourrées.


Linnane has danced Maina Gielgud's Albrecht, Neumeier's Nijinsky (in his second year), Ratmansky's Cinderella's Prince, Wheeldon's Jack/Knave, and in his first season made an impression In The Upper Room. Beautiful feet.

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