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Pirouette Troubleshooting.

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Hello. I have like 3 questios for anyone who can answer it.

1. How do I turn out my leg when pirouetting more. I often find that my leg turns in. 


2. how do I keep my arms strong and up. They also can something find there way coming down to my hips sometimes. 


3. How do I make sure that I am rising up on the the pirouette on pointe correctly. I used to accidentally step on pointe to turn and I know that you need to more eleve into it. ( I’m not sure if I’m describing it correctly so I included a gif to show how I know you are supposed to get into it) Thank you!


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Hello Molls,


I have added the tag "pirouettes" to the top of your thread.  If you click on it you will get a list of earlier threads where they may be useful information for you.

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