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Good luck gift


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DD is in panto for the first time & I found out that all the parents get their dc a small good luck gift related to the panto for opening night.


I've found a website called stagepresents.co.uk & got her something small off there but wanted to get something else as well.


Does anyone have any ideas for sleeping beauty? she is 11 by the way.

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A single rose. Florists will sell them wrapped in cellophone with a container for the stem so no need to stand in water which is good in hot dressing rooms. Otherwise anything fairy-related would be appropriate. When my dds did their first panto they had silver jazz shoes for the walkdown and I was able to get those minature keyring jazz shoes in silver. Youngest still has hers on her dancing bag 8 years later.

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I used to take a rose from each bouquet I received and press it between tissue paper with the occasion and the date written on it - and press it in a book. Usually, one of my big picture ballet books. To this day when I pull down one of those books to look at a particular picture and i find one of those pressed roses - it is a lovely reminder.

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What about a silver spinning wheel charm on a bracelet or a necklace?


Have done this a couple of times for "big" performance moments - a charm bracelet of charms for Nutcracker (mouse, xmas tree,snowflake,spanish dancer etc) and a necklace of a spider which opened to reveal a tiny spinning wheel inside for Rumpelstiltskin. There are quite a few options online if you google.


J x

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