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Degas leotard - yes, Degas!!

Sheila Beelam

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A lovely customer sent me a Degas leotard that they had bought from the USA shop, but it didn't fit :(


It is new, with tags on and she wanted me to see if anyone else could make use of it.


The leo is a size T3 style 966, in Eglantine.




I would guess it is suited to a UK 10-12. My DD is an 8 and it gapes a little at the base of her spine. I'm a 12 and it fits me fine, but dark pink is not my colour ;)


The customer didn't want any money for it, so can I suggest we leave the leo open to offers to the charity of the highest bidder's choice? Maybe set a deadline of 7 Dec??


Mods, please feel free to step in if you feel there's a better way of doing this - just thinking out loud on this one!

Sheila x

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