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Elmhurst or Tring Upper School?

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My son is in the fortunate position to have been offered funded places for both Elmhurst and Tring. 

Obviously both do A-levels but he is more concerned about ballet training and future career prospects.


Do you have any advice? 


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Know people who have developed successful careers from both.  And not-so-successful careers.  


Do look at the overall package - are the A levels on offer ones your DS would wish to pursue.  Elmhurst is very urban, Tring more spacious - which suits your son?  Does he want to be with just dancers or a wider range of students?  Accommodation?  Distance from your home?  Exeats?  


Read the recent threads from us oldies - nothing is more important than mental health.  Physical health is a close second.   Which offers the best "Plan B?"  Everyone hopes not to use it, but ..  Prestige is a long way down the list.  


As well as where your son would feel happiest, which do you think will support him best, and support  you?


The best of luck with your decision making process.



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Elmhurst is reasonably close to us and my daughter has done quite a few intensives there and I've been really impressed by their approach to things like nutrition, strength & conditioning etc - quite forward-thinking. Great facilities, respected teachers and of course the close link to BRB.

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IMPO Elmhurst just gets the edge if the intension is a classical ballet career but if you have a Ds both schools are good. My Ds didn’t get funding for Tring but we would have happily let him go there for sixth form on what we saw. Dd didn’t apply. Check out the graduate destinations for the men. The A levels at Elmhurst are well supported by the academic staff, especially Maths, fabulous teacher. My Dc achieved good results. But we felt there was some time conflict between the artistic and academic timetable and unless your Ds/Dd is motivated to secure a plan B back up they could easily drop out. I am happy to answer specific questions if you Dm me ☺️

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Tring 5th form students are happy and want to stay there for 6th form, which speaks volumes and the competition for places is huge (because of pupils wanting to join from other vocational schools). The dance faculty changed a couple of years ago and I would honestly say that looking at past graduate destinations doesn't help you understand the current situation. Please take the time to look up the current teaching faculty and their experience (and connections!) I would choose Tring every time for dance and academics. Please DM if you would like extra information. 

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34 minutes ago, AlwaysBallet said:

 Please take the time to look up the current teaching faculty and their experience (and connections!)



I've just had a look at the faculty out of interest.


As a non-dancer I can't comment on teaching standards but 2 of my all time favourite dancers are on the faculty!

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