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Liam Scarlett's last role on stage for The Royal Ballet

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Well, I wasn't there, but when I saw him the other week he was dancing in Act I as if he was having a whale of a time. Could barely take my eyes off him.


He & Kristen McNally seemed to be getting the best out of each other as lead Czárdás couple on Saturday - that was the real swan song for an incredibly expressive and agile dancer.

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I was there but I didn't see him either. I totally understand that these are 'inside' jokes, but I'd have loved to have known in advance so I could have kept an eye out for him! However, he was lovely in both the lead role in the Act 1 waltz and the czardas, so am very glad to have been at his last show. He will be missed as a dancer, but I so look forward to what he will offer in future as a choreographer.


I thought it was a lovely touch at the curtain call that each member of the wonderful corps was given a red rose. I've never seen that before and am so glad that they were publicly thanked for their consistently high and incredibly important contribution to this run of Swan Lakes. Well done to them and to all the different casts.

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"Thought Johan was implying it was *his* last Swan Lake (which it may be, for all I know)."


As he was saying after the show, it's supposed to be also Kobborg's last Swan Lake (at the ROH for sure, and for the moment also in the rest of the world... but who really knows about the future? :-) )

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Not a silly question at all! I think they make up the titles as they go along and who knows what they entail.


There's quite a plethora of choreographic categories now at the RB: 1 Resident Choreographer (McGregor), 1 Artistic Associate (Wheeldon), 1 Artist in Residence (Scarlett), 2 Choreographic Affiliates (Whitley and Boonham), 1 Choreographic Apprentice (Binet).


When it was announced Luke Jennings tweeted "In a further RB appointment Kristen McNally becomes Artist Who's Around the Place Quite A Lot Of The Time But Was Born a Girl". I like that dig.

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