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A Christmas Carol - Ballet Theatre UK

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I've just seen the matinee at the Beck Theatre in West London. There are seats for tonight but it is touring so do catch ut. BTUK is a small touring company and I did not have great expectations but this is terrific. Rather than put on a traditional favourite such as Swan Lake, they have chosen to create their own original ballet, choreographed by their artistic director, Christopher Moore. It is an extremely ambitious project but they've pulled it off excellently. The set is simple (it has to be for a touring production) but the dancing and costumes are first class. Sadly, the audience was nothing like the size that Swan Lake would pull in so I do urge everyone to watch it. Unlike a previous poster, I have no connection with them but this is a young, hard working company that deserves to do well.

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So glad you enjoyed it. Was privileged to see Btuk let rip on the lovely big stage at the Grove in Dunstable on Saturday- the first time I'd seen the full set! The dancers really enjoyed themselves , producing an energetic and lively performance of a vey high standard. Scrooge was superb. I won't write any more because I do have a connection with the company but the fact that lots of tickets have already been sold for Alice in Wonderland at the same theatre in April speaks for itself. (I haven't booked mine yet!!)


Anyway A Christmas Carol is on at Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury tomorrow (6TH) , Leatherhead on Friday and Tunbridge Wells on Saturday (matinee at 2pm). Tickets available for all venues so come on folks, give yourselves a Christmas treat and support a new BRITISH , self funded company into the bargain!

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Sadly, I forgot about this when it came to Croydon :(


Edit: I should also point out that there's another thread on this in the news section which does contain some feedback, as well as dates: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/2087-ballet-theatre-uk-christmas-carol-tour/ Trying to divide out the review-y postings from the news-y ones would be too much of a headache, so I won't.

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