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hammond applications closing date ?


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not sure of excat closing date but last year my audition day was at the end of march and i only apply around this sort of time saying that a girl at my audition rang the schol up the day before and asked for an audition slot and there was a space in our grup so they gave it to her and she just brought all the forms in on the day. i wouldnt leave it that lat but i dont think they rae very strict on a closing date just first me first served.

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Not sure they have a specific closing date. I think they deal with each application as they receive it and fill up their audition slots. Last year they did add in an extra audition date due to the volume of applications received but this audition was before their original last audition date (Preliminary). We were advised to apply early for Hammond. If you look at the school calendar on their website it shows their intended dates for preliminary and final auditions. The last audition is very early March with the final/recall audition around the 13th I think. I would apply sooner rather than later and please note that although I mention an extra date last year I do not know if this is usual and it might not happen another year. It just happened to be the year my DD applied.

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