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Press Release: Join Tulsa Ballet for a livestream of Andrew McNicol's What If (and some other news from A McN)

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World Premiere!

Join us for the live stream of my new ballet What If?

Despite all the lockdown restrictions, I’m incredibly grateful to still be creating, virtually and globally via zoom on Tulsa Ballet!  

Watch the performances online this Saturday 6 March 7pm CST (available for 24 hours thereafter) or Sunday 14 March at 5pm CST Book your virtual ticket here! 

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New Creation & Zoom Adventures

Check out this sneak peak of my new ballet - What If? Premiering in theatres today and online from Saturday 6 March 2021. 

What If? has been a unique creative process, choreographed virtually from my home in London via zoom. The question - what if?  became the impulse for this artistic experiment and new way of working. For me, the title What If? captures the essential question of our time, not only in terms of this creative process but also in relation to the pandemic and wider issues facing our planet. 

What If? despite all the restrictions we can still somehow connect, innovate and bring some beauty back into this strange world. In this moment I wanted to create a new work that celebrates what is possibie and enable the great talents of Tulsa’s dancers to flourish and move fearlessly in the space once again. 

Who know’s What Next?...

Virtual Programme 
From London to Tulsa - the new normal (for now) choreographing virtually via zoom! Here’s how, take a look. 
New Podcast Interview

Discover more about my path to becoming a choreographer and the challenges and triumphs over the last year - The Arts Today Podcast interviewed by Alessandro Angelini. 

Listen Here! 
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