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I'm not sure which of you deleted a comment of mine and locked the thread without even having the courtesy to send me a private message explaining what you were doing and why. I am not just a "drive-by" commentator trying so start a fight, having been a member of this board (and its predecessor) although only an occasional poster for many years. I deliberately phrased the comment in the least inflammatory way possible despite it being an issue I feel extremely strongly about but you have left the other, less thoughtfully worded, comments on that thread extant. If you had contacted me privately this could have been discussed in private.

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This is being sorted out.


The reality is that a committee runs the forum and that means that forum governance gets discussed. It's not as instant as it was in some respects.


When somebody ignores moderation (which you did) there is speed by one person to do something - in this case it turned out to be me who hid your message and closed the thread to avoid further complication. Then the way forward gets discussed and there has been that discussion last night and this morning and I think the way forward identified and which will be sorted out later today. Mods have other things to do so its not instant.


If you wish to discuss this further then by all means email me at bruce@ballet.co.uk and I will make sure all mods are aware. This thread is now being locked. I ask you not to open another on this subject. Thanks.


Postcript: I don't see myself as an active moderator the way the others are. I've done my bit! But I do have the rights necessary to intervene should I get there first - and that I did. I find myself responding now because, as I say, others are off doing the stuff of their life. All note - I'm not trying to climb back in the saddle of keeping the place in order!

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